Peinture lavable CONMIX, Tyroshield Silk

Peinture lavable CONMIX, Tyroshield Silk
N° de produit: AD305
Prix HT: 85,00 $
Prix TTC : 85,00 $
Tyroshield Silk
For a smooth silky finish
PinTura Tyroshield Silk is a high quality alkali resistant acrylic co-polymer based paint and gives a smooth silky finish. It is specially formulated with good quality pigments, special extenders and unique additives like anti-fungal, anti-foaming, anti-flaking, etc. It can also hide the hairline cracks on the surface.
Recommended Substrates
PinTura Tyroshield Silk is suitable for external and internal application on concrete, plaster, masonry, brickwork, gypsum, asbestos, cement and hard wooden boards.
It can also be applied as a top coat for ConTxtra Tyro System and mineral based decorative plaster / render.
Technical Data
  • Theoretical coverage: 11 – 13 m2/Ltr
  • Full dry: 48 hours
  • Application tools: paint brush, paint roller, and paint spray.
Pack Size
1 USG & 5 USG
Method of Application
    • Application should be carried out with proper ventilation. Windows and doors should be kept open and maximum ventilation should be permitted for drying process.
    • Tyroshield Silk has to be stirred thoroughly prior to application.
    • Prepared surface should be primed by applying one coat of Conmix ConDure Primer, applied using roller, brush or spray.


  • Apply using a brush, roller or spray.
  • A minimum of two coats should be applied to achieve the desired results.
  • For application by airless spray, use nozzle size “0.018 to 0.028” and pressure 2100 psi.